Students trained.


Hours on the range.


Safety checks.


Percent satisfaction.


​Gabriel is a fantastic instructor, who is very knowledgeable., passionate, & enthusiastic. He teaches in such a way that meets the needs of all learners. I highly recommend the course!

Amanda S.


I have studied traditional Japanese Martial sciences for over 20 years, the instruction I received by Gabriel was by far, among the best I have ever encountered.  ​

Liam M.

Exceeding expectations.

Exceeding my expectations, I would not change a thing on the course! I am going to miss your vast level of knowledge, I want more…

Byron A.

Best teacher.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and can't wait to take another one of yours! I very much look forward to getting out to the range with you! (Best teacher I've had!) ​

Sonia E.